August 20, 2019

2 minute Stress Reducing Breathwork

2 minute Stress Reducing Breathwork

Breathwork has recently been described as one of the most transformative forms of self healing.  From people like Will Hoff (the Iceman) to Joe Dispenza, everyone is raving about breathwork. 

But if you're experience of breathwork is being to taught to slowly count to ten when your angry, then you'll be pleased to hear that breathwork doesn't need to be reserved for critical situations it can become a part of your daily life.

In fact breathwork according to Ayurvedic tradition cannot be separated from other lifestyle measures.  The breath is crucial to the effective removal of carbon dioxide from our bodies and intake of energy giving oxygen.  But most of us rarely utilise the whole of our lungs when breathing, which is why incorporating regular breathwork in your day can help you not only help you to effectively remove all the unneeded elements in our bodies but also help you gain more clarity, energy and inner strength.

Here are my favourite breathwork techniques to incorporate whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, or waiting for the train or simply when I need to take a couple of minutes away from my desk or the kids!

1. Slow down your breath - simply breath in slowly for 3 counts filling up from your belly upwards and breath out for 4 counts, each time increase the number of counts, until you really can't slow down your breath any further. Pay attention to your abdomen as if it were a balloon slowly being blown up and slowly letting out air.

2. Box breathing - this is one which is great at focusing the mind also on one task or activity too.  Imagine a rectangle in from of you.  Whilst breathing in for 5, imagine yourself tracing the top of the rectangle from left to right, whilst breathing out imagine tracing the line of one end of the rectangle, and repeat these streps to complete your imaginary rectangle.

3. Awareness of breath - simply focus your awareness to your breath, if you feel like breathing deeply do so, if you don't that's perfectly fine too, but aim to simply focus on the air entering your lungs filling with air and expelling again. If you fin your mind wandering, imagine that when you are breathing in that you are filling your body with positivity and when you are breathing out that you are letting go of all negativity.

Try one of these just today and see how you get on, i'd love to hear about your experiences with using one of these breath techniques, so if you use social media then tag me in #komaltheholisticpharmacist and I'd love to see how you're getting on.

Have a wonderfully calming day!


Komal x

Photo Credit - Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Pansiera 

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