April 27, 2018

Holistic Recipes - Turmeric Chai Energy Balls

Holistic Recipes - Turmeric Chai Energy Balls

We're always looking for inventive ways of incorporating our favourite spice! So imagine our delight when we made a batch of these beauties!

T U R M E R I C  C H A I  S P I C E D  E N E R G Y  B A L L S

As you might have guessed, we're not just big fans of turmeric but all spices which is why we'll use any excuse to incorporate our own chai masala mix!

Turmeric loves fats so this is a great way of getting some healthy fats into your diet too and the perfect pick-me-up when you're in need of a quick energy boost without the refined sugars! 

In Ayurveda, meals should be balanced with the 6 tastes these being sweet, sour, salty, pungent, astringent, bitter. And in fact, invariably meals actually begin with a little sweet it gets the mouth producing saliva with all the necessary enzymes to begin the process of digestion and it actually helps to kerb your sweet cravings after a meal.  These little energy balls are just enough sweet with a hint of salty and perfect before your meal.


70g unroasted cashews

1/2 tbsp of crunchy cashew nut butter 

30g of coconut oil (in its solid form) 

1 tbsp maple syrup

1/2 tsp chai masala mix

2 Raw & Natural Turmeric Capsules opened up and sprinkled in or 1tsp of organic turmeric powder

a pinch of salt


1. Blend all the ingredients in a food processor until it's all nicely combined and the cashews are still crunchy.

2. Form the mixture into 6-8 balls

3. Pop in the fridge for at least 4 hours for the balls to harden

Enjoy a ball as and when you like, but ideally before your main meal for the day!

Note: these balls will melt if kept at room temperature so store in the fridge. The balls can remain in the fridge for up to 4 days.

Komal - The Holistic Pharmacist x

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