April 15, 2017

Easter with a turmeric twist!

Easter with a turmeric twist!

Here at Amala Pure Health, we love discovering the new and innovative ways in which the wonder spice turmeric is being used and so we thought we'd lay out what we think would make a delicious Easter menu all laden with some turmeric along the way!

To begin with.....

How about an orange turmeric margarita? I know what you're thinking turmeric in a cocktail?  Yes, it does work, we recently had turmeric orange marmalade incorporated into a gin based cocktail and it tasted yummy so how why not start your Easter celebrations with this vibrant margarita?

Breakfast in the form of turmeric eggs!

We love this super healthy yet quick scramble egg recipe from Dr Josh Axe - he is a guru when it comes to using food as medicine.  

Fun Easter eggs

How about trying to make your own dyed Easter eggs. Turmeric has been used as a natural dye for centuries.  Check out this post by The Kitchn on how to make your very own naturally dyed Easter eggs

Easter lamb is the only way to celebrate your Easter feast.

Nigel Slater's books have been a staple in my house for a long time and this really simply turmeric lamb recipe couldn't be simpler nor a more tastier way of bringing your friends and family together this Easter.

You simply can't celebrate Easter without some spiced up hot cross buns and this Good Food recipe incorporates another superfood ingredient - chocolate! (ok so this recipe strictly speaking doesn't have any turmeric but it does include another super spice cinnamon which is great for lowering blood sugar levels - although you'll need to consume these sugary treats in moderation!)

Why not give your hot cross bun a spicy boost by having a ginger turmeric latte! We are particularly impressed by Beyond Latte's blend!  Formulated by foodie and chef Keren Natalia an Aussie vegan recipe developer - her blend is more gingery than your average turmeric latte but it certainly gives you that spice hit when you most need it!


 So, however you're choosing to spend your Easter break, we hope you have lots of fun, laughter and quality time with the people you most love!  And, that there is a little bit of spice somewhere in your weekend! 



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