October 09, 2016

How should you take your turmeric?

How should you take your turmeric?
So, you might be familiar with that vibrant yellow spice turmeric but did you know that there is an optimal way of taking it?  Here is a quick summary of the best way to consume turmeric.
  1. In powder form, or the raw root — the raw form contains all the active compounds i.e. all the different forms of the active compounds curcuminoids, as well as natural sugars and resins. It is considered that taking spices in their whole form is far more beneficial than taking individually extracted compounds as all the compounds contained in them work synergistically together and by extracting only those thought to be active we could lose their benefits to our bodies.
  2. Black pepper the grand daddy of spices! — Take turmeric with black pepper or BioPerine (a potent black pepper extract) — why black pepper? Because the active chemical in black pepper piperine, helps to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients into the body by a whooping 2000 times! Note,:- crushed black pepper contains 3–4% piperine which is why the extract piperine is ideal! (Conveniently it’s included in our Raw & Natural Turmeric with BioPerine Capsules!)
  3. Fats are good — Fats are easily absorbed into the body which is why combining them with turmeric is a good thing! Take turmeric with a glass of warmed milk (I’ll come on to the heat aspect in a minute!) to help further increase it’s absorption. This is the basis of the age old ‘Golden Milk’ — Milk, turmeric, black pepper & a little honey, heat and enjoy! Yum!!
  4. Heat — It’s not fully understood why heat is important, but one theory is that by heating foods the nature of the compounds contained in them changes too, helping them enter the body more effectively through the gut.

So, there you have it, the best way to enjoy turmeric! Now go and enjoy!

Komal - The Holistic Pharmacist

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