August 14, 2019

My 5 key learnings on accountability

My 5 key learnings on accountability

As a pharmacist, accountability is practically my middle name.  We are taught to be accountable for our actions from almost day one, especially as we are tasked with taking care of people. 

Accountability is taken very seriously, but it was something that I felt was almost removed from when it came to my own self, i.e. I’m accountable to my patients but rarely did I think of myself being accountable to myself. You might experience this in your job, for example you might feel accountable to your boss and delivering your projects for example, but when have you felt that you’re accountable to your own self?

When I learnt how to make lifestyle changes that stick, it was transformative for me.  And learning to be accountable was pivotal in making these changes.  If we want to make any change in ourselves being accountable is crucial to us remaining motivated to our goals and desires.  When I think about why I have achieved my own weight goals, it because I placed accountability at the heart of my lifestyle changes.

Here are my 5 key learnings on accountability

  1. Stepping into the person you know you are – when you take accountability seriously, you begin to step into the person you know you are. What do I mean by that?  Well, you begin to act, look and feel like the person you want to be and all of a sudden, your accountability and achievement of your goals takes on a whole new form, one where you become accountable to your future self.
  2. You only have one body and it craves for you to look after it. If you consider that your body is a pretty incredible piece of machinery, all it ever craves is good maintenance, care and feeding it the fuel it most needs.  In other words, be accountable to the incredible human being you are and the rest will follow.
  3. Sometimes you don’t want to be accountable and that’s ok too! In Ayurveda we consider that all actions have an appropriate reaction, therefore too much of one action could lead to the opposite reaction occurring.  In other words, everything in moderation! When we want to make change, we need accountability, but we also need time away from being goal focused and need time just being present.  Present, for all the wonderful things which are in front of us, around us and within us.  Because let’s face what is life if we can’t enjoy the here and now?
  4. Having a person you’re accountable to, helps you achieve more! Ok, so when it comes to weight, we all know what we have to do, but why do we rarely do it?  Because when we are simply accountable to ourselves we tend to find any and every excuse not to achieve what we need to achieve.  When you have someone else that you’re accountable to, you get the motivation and nudge in the right direction because all of a sudden you have someone else to explain yourself to.
  5. An accountability partner is like a dose of positive motivation whenever you need it. By this I mean that if order for us to change, having the support of an accountability partner means you have someone who has your back, is your biggest advocate and is there to motivate you especially during low times.

If you’d like to explore more about how I can support you in achieving your weight goals by being your accountability partner then book a free 30 minute discovery session today.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Komal x

Photo Credit - Sam Austin


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