New Year New You - incorporate turmeric in your diet

New year new you


With all the excesses of the festive season, no doubt we're all feeling a little over indulged and under the weather.  Most of us will be looking at stopping the binge eating and kickstarting our bodies into a healthier happier states.  Let's start 2017 with a clean body and a clearer mind. Balance London had a lovely instagram today which reminded us that 'All states are temporary' so let's start taking care of ourselves from the inside out.  I for one will be continuing to take my daily dose of turmeric, which honestly, has helped me keep colds at bay this winter season.
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No gumf, just 99% organic turmeric powder, with a pinch of the black pepper extract BioPerine.  
Go on what are you waiting for?
Lots of Amala Love
Komal & the Amala Pure Health Team



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