• 2 minute Stress Reducing Breathwork

    2 minute Stress Reducing Breathwork

    Breathwork has recently been described as one of the most transformative forms of self healing.

    But if you're experience of breathwork is being to taught to slowly count to ten when your angry, then you'll be pleased to hear that breathwork doesn't need to be reserved for critical situations it can become a part of your daily life. In this article explore 3 simple breathwork techniques you can start using today, no previous experience required!

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  • Stress, Weight & Ayurveda

    stress, ayurveda, weight

    Stress affect so many of us, and there are many different ways to manage it.  It plays a particularly important role in weight gain and weight loss.

    In my study of Ayurveda, I believe we have an extremely rounded way of looking at our approach to the prevention of this aspect of our lives that we often feel powerless to deal with. Explore these with me in this article.

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