Our Story

Komal The Holistic Pharmacist


Hi there,

I'm Komal - A Pharmacist, Health & Wellbeing Coach aka The Holistic Pharmacist, and Founder of Amala Pure Health. Welcome!

I'm so pleased you're here and it's a pleasure to tell you a little more about Amala, and share why I created the brand.

For a long time I had known that making lifestyle changes was the key to improving health, it was part and parcel of my training as a pharmacist. The key message being most chronic conditions/diseases are lifestyle related, but it wasn't until I started to become educated in the true holistic disciplines such as Ayurveda and Functional Medicine that I began to realise that if we don't address a person with all their different facets then we'll never be able to deliver a truly effective solution when it comes managing someone's health and wellbeing.

Having spent years as a pharmacist, I was keen to understand how our diets could influence our health, and this led me to become fascinated by the use of natural remedies and spice in helping to improve our overall health.

After being literally blow away by the evidence behind turmeric and the lack of good quality supplement that I would be prepared to take myself, I developed our first product Raw & Natural Turmeric with BioPerine Capsules and the brand Amala Pure Health was born!

In our supplement, we advocate using the whole spice and pretty much nothing else either, apart from a tiny amount of black pepper extract, BioPerine, to increase absorption. Other supplements may boast having isolated certain compounds, but the truth is we don't yet fully understand how all of the compounds found in turmeric work in conjunction together and thus delivering the amazing benefits of this root.

If you'd like to learn more about health and wellbeing coaching and how you might benefit from it then feel free to reach out to me to learn more.

In good health

Komal - The Holistic Pharmacist | Founder of Amala Pure Health