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Komal The Holistic Pharmacist

Hi there, 

I'm Komal - The Holistic Pharmacist and welcome!

I'm so pleased you're here and it's a pleasure to tell you a little more about me and my journey with holistic health. 

With over 14 years of experience as a pharmacist I've seen first hand how the one size fits all approach to weight management simply isn't working.  

Our health service has been shockingly poor at helping prevent weight gain, it simply isn't equipped to support people to make the lifestyle changes they need for the long-term, and moreover it doesn't take into account that each and every single one of us is unique, and needs a bespoke solution to improving our weight and wellbeing.

For a long time I had known that making lifestyle changes was the key to improving health, it was part and parcel of my training as a pharmacist.  The key message being most chronic conditions/diseases are lifestyle related, but it wasn't until I started to become educated in the true holistic disciplines such as Ayurveda and Functional Medicine that I began to realise that if we don't address a person with all their different facets then we'll never solve the epidemic of weight and in turn ill health, in ourselves.  

Having spent years as a pharmacist, I was keen to understand how our diets could influence our health, and this led me to developing my turmeric capsule.  An age old spice I had grown up with but I'd never truly paid much attention to until after the birth of my son, when I was searching for a natural way to boost my immunity.  The evidence aside, my immunity improved hugely, so much so, that in my sons first winter I didn't catch a single cough or cold. 

The journey led me on to exploring other lifestyle changes, and their impact on my weight.  Post-pregnancy I had some weight to shift and I quickly experienced the impact on my weight in a relatively short space of time.  My goal was to lose weight, but never did I expect that I would end up weighing what I weighed in my first year of university 20 years earlier! But, amazingly I did, and most importantly, I maintained my ideal weight and felt so much more better in myself!

Seemingly small changes had a huge collective impact on my weight and wellbeing.  Which is why, I'm all about helping people to manage their weight in a gentle way which honours their unique self and where the lifestyle changes are easy to incorporate.

Having worked with a number of clients now, I've seen just how transformative lifestyle changes can be in managing weight.  My clients have come to me as one person, and left as very different versions of themselves. Happier, healthier and more comfortable in their own skin.

If you'd like to explore how we can work together to manage your weight better in a gentle holistic way, then book a free 30 minute discovery call with me.

In good health

Komal - The Holistic Pharmacist