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I’ve taken turmeric all my life, that innocuous vibrant coloured spice which annoyingly seemed to colour everything from the kitchen surface to your fingers with its unavoidable distinct yellow!

It is held in very high regard both religiously and culturally in India. For centuries it’s been used for its medicinal properties, the first true ‘wonder food’. In the West we're only just waking up to its incredible properties, but Indians have used the spice for an array of health conditions and ailments for thousands of years.

Growing up in an Indian household (albeit in North West London) meant that at the first hint of a sniffle or the smallest of cuts, the turmeric came out. It was given to me by my mother & grandmother (me and my gran in the pic above) in a number for ways:  we drank it in hot milk mixed with honey, took it straight from the spoon and even made it into a paste with water to apply to open wounds in order to help the healing.

Whilst growing up I never truly appreciated the benefits of turmeric, but now being older and wiser I too have woken up to its health benefits. It’s known to have anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidant properties but most interestingly its ability to treat and prevent cancer are most impressive.

So why did I, a pharmacist, turn advocate of the wonder spice turmeric? Because we are only just beginning to uncover the health benefits of spices which have been grown and traded for centuries all over the world. Medicine in many ways is going back to basics by looking at the herbs, spices and fruits which have for generations been considered to heal and prevent disease; somehow these have been forgotten in recent times as new compounds and agents were discovered. It’s also because I’m interested in holistic treatment, making choices which will benefit one's health not just today but also for the long-term.

If we all want to live longer and healthier lives, then we must address the impact our lifestyle has on us. Part of addressing this is not just to reduce additives such as sugar and salt in our diets, but to also consume more of those natural foods that have for centuries been known to benefit us.

With this all in mind I set up Amala Pure Health, a health food brand which celebrates the health benefits of spices through our range of products.

We have some exciting products in the pipeline which we hope you'll find interesting.

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