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About Amala Pure Health

With a background in Pharmacy, we like to stick with what we know best. The science. Having tried and tested a number of formulations, we have now discovered the optimum Turmeric Root supplement. It’s in the name, it’s all in the root.

Turmeric has over 20 active compounds. Curcumin, an antioxidant is the most researched and gives the distinct yellow colour.  There are however other curcuminoids and a group of compounds called turmerones too which also show anti-inflammatory activity that we include. Great for helping to protect our cells from damage and also repairing stem cells in the brain which could help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Unlike other turmeric products, we maintain the integrity of the whole turmeric root as all the active compounds work synergistically together in the body and removing even one can mean you won’t benefit.

We have no fillers. No chemicals. No preservatives.

We only use organic, ethically and sustainably grown pure turmeric root powder from India with raw, natural, organic active compounds.

Turmeric as a super food is the starting point for maintaining your purest optimum health.