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Our approach at Amala Pure Health has always been to simplify things and create balance - which is why we're pleased to introduce our new Holistic Lifestyle programmes. They are unique in that they combine the principles of functional/lifestyle medicine and Ayurveda together to deliver a highly personalised approach.


Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old approach to living through food, exercise and lifestyle choices. To this day, it continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated mind-body wellness systems.

Did you know that Ayur means life and Veda is knowledge? These directly translate to knowledge of life and offering philosophies to help you maintain optimum mental and physical health.

Functional Medicine is a biological systems-based approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. By looking at your health history you gain a unique insight into your wellbeing and how you can make fundamental changes to it in order to improve it.

As with most things in life, consistency = results. Expect to feel balanced and truly brilliant; whether you are seeking ways to feel stronger, healthier or are entirely new to holistic therapies and simply want to learn how it can improve your daily life, we are here to help.

Everything we taste, smell, touch, hear and see has a significant impact on our overall sense of wellbeing and this is where over the course of our 1-2-1 programs we'll work together in order to dramatically impact your health.


We have three designed to target three core conditions:

- Better Weight - our sustainable weight loss programme is for you if you're overweight and looking to improve this as well as your mindset too

- Have a Heart - this is for you if you have a family history of high blood pressure or if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure

- Sugar smart - this has been designed if you have diabetes or simply can't kick the sugar habit and looking to make a lasting change to your lifestyle 

What Can I Expect?

  • Deep diving into all aspects of your life in order to understand the root causes of your symptoms and also explore yourself using a 360 degree holistic approach
  • We will devise a fully tailored plan to suit your lifestyle and mind-body type.
  • Through collaboration, we will empower you to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and nutrition.

Each programme has been devised by Amala Pure Health founder, Komal George - The Vedic Pharmacist. Her unique knowledge of pharmacy, functional medicine and as well as her eastern roots and interest in Ayurveda have been combined to create a truly unique approach that delivers results.

Komal is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and also an associate of the Association Ayurvedic Professionals UK.

Interested? Just complete our interest form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.