Komal - The Holistic Pharmacist

Hello and welcome to Amala Pure Health!

I'm delighted that you're interested in learning more about the transformative benefits of turmeric and how to harness and enjoy a beautiful Ayurvedic lifestyle.

As a Pharmacist and of Indian heritage, I have taken turmeric spice, the world’s first ‘super food’ all my life. It is held in the highest regard in India and for centuries now, been used for its medicinal properties, treating an array of health conditions and ailments.

Growing up in an Indian household (albeit in North West London) meant that at the first hint of a sniffle or the smallest of cuts, the turmeric came out. We drank it in hot milk mixed with honey, took it straight from the spoon and even made it into a paste with water to apply to open wounds in order to help the healing.

I hope that you can not only start enjoying and feeling all the life-changing benefits of turmeric as part of your daily routine, but find this site, a really useful resource of yummy Ayurvedic inspired recipes and information to feed your fire.

As a Pharmacist, I love looking into the science and the ingredients as well as making choices which will benefit one's health not just today but also for the long-term. When I couldn’t find a pure, organic, true to its purest form Turmeric product, Amala Pure Health was born. There are absolutely no fillers or anything you can’t pronounce.

Life can take its toll and leave you feeling depleted, too often without you even realising. Taking turmeric coupled with practicing Ayurveda through your daily routine can have incredibly powerful health benefits. Only now are we beginning to uncover the wondrous health benefits of spices which have been grown and traded for centuries all over the world.

Supporting your lifestyle through imparting my knowledge and pure product is one of my most important roles. Together, we are one and through Ayurvedic practice, I hope will discover a healthier, happier life.

As a huge shukria (thank you) for joining me on this journey. Remember if things ever get too much just breathe!

Komal x

The Vedic Pharmacist